Get in shape with Yoga!

Can yoga help in losing weight ? Yes it can if you are consistent and practicing under the supervision of an expert. Though yoga is much more beneficial than any modern exercises available.

Yoga will help improve body’s blood circulation, improve flexibility, work from the inside out, make all your internal organs function much better. Yoga as an exercise is anaerobic and aerobic in nature depends on the speed you perform. It can help you lose those inches, make you fit, healthy and attractive.

But focus on reducing your fat percentage. Once you fat percentage get better overall weight will also decrease. Set small goals, achieve them and grow ahead. One should not expect drastic changes or plan to reduce 5 kg by end of a week or a month. Expecting drastic results is going to be harmful in long run.

Daily practice or 3 hours a week is a good way to start!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Be regular with your practice
  • Focus on eating right
  • Practice yoga under the supervision of an expert
  • If you are super busy get active during weekends
  • Aim to reduce fat percentage

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