Yoga for Older Adults

Yoga is a best exercise for older adults!

Easy practice
Yoga can be taken up at any age. New practitioners will find that this practice is easier than any other form of exercise.

It can work on your flexibility, help you maintain a good range of motion as you grow older. Movement of all parts will really ease your mind, body and help you release all that stress.

Sharp Mind
Taking some time out for yourself will keep you happy, rather than dull and boring at this age.

It will become easier to deal with menopause symptoms like anxiety, hot flushes, discomfort, rashes etc.

Healthy Bones
Bone density will greatly increase if you just keep up with your practice. If you are on medicines, pls try eating healthy and practice yoga for next 3 months. And let me know your results, i’ll be waiting to hear from you 🙂

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Annu Arora