Top 5 Reasons to Practice Yoga

  1. Connect with thyself – Your time on mat is your time to feel alive, loved and free. Life is not perfect, it has it’s ups & downs and in that process you forget to take care of ‘YOU’. Yoga practice will help you let go and just be. You will be able to connect with yourself. Listen to yourself, your inner self, know how you feel and practice feeling good not just on the mat but off the mat too.
  2. Live in present – Life is lived in present, not past, not future. Practice on mat will bring you back to present, it will be kind of a mini break from your life’s work, office, relationships, past & future goals…ah! too much. 1 hour on mat can just change your remaining 23 hours.
  3. Healthy you – Yoga will keep your body healthy from within. When all your internal organs work in harmony, you feel at peace. Yoga exercises massages your internal organs, they start functioning much better and you feel sense of calmness. You will radiant and glowing from within.
  4. Lean & toned body – Who would not love that? That’s just the side effects of practicing yoga – core strength, lean legs, strong arms, great flexibility… Just practice for next 3-4 months and you can notice the results for yourself.
  5.  Better life – Yes, it goes w/out saying. Everything changes with your regular practice. Less stress, less emotion swings, better focus, better thinking, better relationships, you will smile more…ok now I need to go on the mat for my personal practice.

See you on the mat!

Annu Arora

Yoga Teacher.

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