25 Guidelines for Eating

25 Guidelines for Eating…
1. Always wash face, hands, and if possible the feet, before meals.
2. Never eat before sunrise or after sunset. If you must eat after sunset then avoid sour and acidic foods.
3. Meditate briefly just before eating (or offer grace) to raise energy and increase the appreciation for food.
4. Always eat only when the right nostril is operating, drink only when the left is operating.
5. Eat or drink only when sitting down.
6. Never talk or laugh during meals – instead give full attention to tastes, textures and aromas of the food.
7. Always take water with a meal, beforehand if weight loss is desired, during meal if weight is to be maintained, and after meals if weight gain is desired.
8. Never drink items too hot or too cold. Water and other liquids should be served lukewarm.
9. Never mix temperatures in the same meal. Don’t eat hot and cold items at the same sitting.
10. Eat only when hungry and after previous meals have been digested. Generally, don’t eat within six hours of another meal.
11. Avoid all in-between snacks, including, if possible, all liquids but lukewarm water.
12. Never eat facing south – this drains energy and fosters anger. (East is the best).
13. Never eat unpalatable food. This creates resistance in the system.
14. Eat only in a pleasing setting and from clean utensils.
15. Only take food while hot and fresh. Reheated and canned food creates gas.
16. Eat neither too fast nor too slow. Don’t rush and don’t linger.
17. Avoid over-greasy and over-dry food.
18. Whenever possible, laugh after meals. This helps digestion.
19. Never sleep within two hours after meals as this disturbs the mind and the digestive system.
20. Wash hands, face, mouth and eyes after meals.
21. Avoid all actions requiring physical or mental concentration for two to three hours after a full meal.
22. Urinate after eating – but do not defecate for three hours if possible. (Thus, one should not eat before his normal bowel movement).
23. Never take hot milk before retiring.
24. Never take tea within a half-hour of meals, before or after.
25. Eat once or twice daily – a light morning meal, and, if possible, the main meal before sunset.
Annu Arora
Ilivelight Yoga
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