Yoga changes your DNA

A study conducted by Harvard University, has empirically proven that yoga positively changes your cellular metabolic functions, ie, it improves the way your body absorbs and uses nutrients.

The study focused on a group that trained in mindful meditation and used a control group that received no training. After eight weeks, blood samples were taken from both groups. The meditation group showed changes in 2,209 genes, most of which involved the cells’ ability to utilise nutrients and oxygen and generate energy. These genetic changes included 1,275 instances in which genes were up-regulated (their activity increased), and 934 cases in which the genes were down-regulated (their activity decreased).

In conclusion, the study proved that yoga improves cellular metabolism (which boosts your resistance against sickness and degenerative genetic problems) and also helps extend the life of your DNA cells. Which means you live healthier, longer and happier.

Can we please take out minimum 1 hour for ourselves!:)

Annu Arora
Ilivelight Yoga

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