Why should you make time for fitness?   

Well, I can completely relate to the situation. We want to do something about our health and get fit. But, this daily schedule is such that leave no room for exercise.

Your life will change if you commit to this one thing.   

Studies have continuously proved that good fitness levels help you to be more productive in your work. You feel more energized and active during the day after your morning commitment to your yoga session/ gym workout/ whatever it is for you. We are up for yoga. Nothing is better than that.

Clarity and focus. All entrepreneurs need to stay focused on results, goals, planning, endless list. But your body is feeling sapped without your exercise session. And it’s sure to come between your work.

Keep yourself motivated. Day to day task and struggles of life could leave you frustrated at the end of the day. Just with an hour of a yoga session, you keep your batteries totally recharged and brimming with most positive energy.

Blog written by Annu Arora

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