Success Story – Yoga for Back Pain/ Injury

Neha was on bed rest for a year due to her severe back pain and medical issues. Due to lack of any physical activity, she could not move her body, twist or bend down. All such movements were impossible or quite painful for her when she joined me at ILIVELIGHT.

I enrolled her in my- Special- Gentle Yoga Classes. Gentle yoga series by ILIVELIGHT- to address body pain/ issues/ ailment. Slowly and gently we guide people in these yoga sessions so that we could get rid of blockages, improve blood circulation and gradually could say goodbye to body pain.

Neha started taking my sessions in September 2016. We did our best to understand her problem. After five months of regular practice, we feel quite happy to see her jumping, running, dancing with a lot of ease. Her family was even quite supportive. Her family was very happy to see positive results from the yoga practice. ‘Yoga se hoga’ , her family used to tease her:)

Please see the video below and listen to her what she has to say on her practice with Annu Arora.

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