How to make the most of your home yoga practice

When you are so busy with your present lifestyle that you are not able to move out to a gym or a yoga studio. You may like to invite a yoga teacher at the luxury of your home. You should be even more serious about it as you are investing more money to invite a yoga professional. To make the most out of your yoga practice, you can follow these tips as these are quite helpful.

1. Choose a convenient time: Choosing the same time every day helps maintain regularity in your practice. Yoga in the morning is quite beneficial as it helps you stay focused during the day. But let not this be an excuse. If you can’t practice in the morning choose the time that suits the most.

2. Choose a comfortable and peaceful place: When you practice at home the biggest hurdle is the distraction. The room should be clean, well ventilated and least furniture and other objects in it. The whole idea is to take your attention inwards. And, let someone else manage your kids, doorbells, local vendors for the time being.

3. Listen to your body: Your body is beautiful inside out. It has a natural ability to heal itself and come back to its natural body weight. Listen to your yoga teacher and trust him/her to guide you as you go along moving from simple asana to advanced asana.

4. Practice on an empty stomach: In yoga, there are forward bends, backbends, inversions, twists, therefore, it’s advisable to keep your stomach empty. Maybe you can eat a fruit or light snacks but not a heavy meal before your class.

5. Warm up before your yoga class: Of course, you can’t come straight from your bed to the mat. Take a shower before your class. Walk around. Let your muscles get active. This way you will be safe in your practice.

Yoga is the best way to keep you mind and body active. Learn the best yoga practices. Visit our Personal Yoga Sessions and Corporate Yoga Sessions to practice with us.

Annu Arora
Founder & Coach

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