Count chemicals not calories

What has advertisement done to us. The things we don’t need, we buy them. The things that are unhealthy, advertisements are selling us as super healthy with highlighted fonts like sugar free, no chemicals, rich in fiber and etc. etc.

Following foods should be avoided:

A) Sugar free & fat free: All sugar free & fat free foods are highly loaded with chemicals. It is better to consume the regular version of these foods.

B) Packaged fruit juices are big no-no. The label might say pure juice no chemicals, but it is nothing more than chemicals and sugar. There is no nutritional value in these packed versions. Please eat fresh fruits instead.

C) Breakfast Cereals: All these masala oats or other readymade food like rotis, 2 minute sabji and blah. Please avoid them. Instead, stop counting calories and eat real foods as much as possible!

Annu Arora


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