Work-Life Balance

Who would not like to excel? Whatever you choose to do, you aim to grow and achieve new heights. You work hard, plan, try to live a disciplined life yet sometimes you lack growth and success.

Well, the ancient practice of yoga laid great emphasis on rest and recharge. If we can learn to apply a bit of that in your present modern lifestyle, you will naturally see a lot of difference in your life.

Corporate life – driving, meetings, targets, networking, emails, literally it tires you, been there done that. So I choose to pursue yoga and dance on weekends. And I fell in love with yoga that I became a yoga teacher as well.

You can’t escape from something you love. You naturally like to pursue things that make you happy.

Gadgets, money, power, positions are there, good. But does that make you happy? Not really. Take time out for yourself. Explore your hobbies. Look after your health, your family, your loved ones. Become a good human being. Help others.

Pursue big dreams but never forget who you really are.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Just a thought!

Annu Arora