Learn the art of eating right

I have consulted a couple of people, and the most common issue I have seen is that people eating patterns are completely wrong. And, they either on a diet or they overeat, eat everything, without following any discipline.

No one needs any starving plan, ever. One can, and one should eat almost everything to maintain good health, good glow, beautiful skin, shiny hairs. Starving is the thing of past. Now even science confirmed that a person needs a wholesome and balanced diet. But, what is a balanced diet, how much to eat and what to eat at what time? It is a struggle.

Finding the right answers to this according to your lifestyle, exercise, work schedules, could be tough. But, once you get this right, everything becomes just right. You no longer feel dull or exhausted. Instead, you feel positive, energetic throughout the day. You even don’t want to miss your exercise as often you miss your exercise because you don’t feel you are up to it.

Mainly it has four points
1. Right food
2. Right timings
3. Right quantity
4. Right environment & thought process

Working on all four points can help anyone improve their overall health and wellbeing. You can also consult me for online counseling. We will have a telephonic conversation in details and help you find suitable solutions according to your lifestyle. Poor eating habits are destroying your health.

Just write an email to us at info@ilivelight.com, and we will guide you with the process.

Cost of counseling: Only Rs. 3500/-

You can take advantage of this counseling and talk with us over the phone and get right answers to your queries.

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