1 Month Health & Wellness Program (Online)

Buy your personalized nutrition plan to improve health and well being and aid weight loss

This is a personalized one month plan to help you build right eating habits.

How does this plan work?

You will be getting a personalized food chart that you will follow for a month. According to your age, lifestyle, profession, food choices, we will help you with a perfect diet plan. And, within a month, you will build a habit of eating right. Once the habit has been inculcated in your day to day lifestyle, it will be easier for you to follow through in future months as well.

According to your day to day lifestyle, it is very important that you eat right, at the right time, and in the right quantity. Most of the people eat the right food at the wrong time, or wrong food at the right time. That is why they do not feel nourished because the food is not working in their favor.

This plan will solve all your queries.

What this plan will not do:

– Ask you to starve
– No fancy diets
– No blood group diet
– No keto diet
– Will not ask you to stop eating carbohydrates
– Will not ask you to stop eating fats
– Will not ask you to eat only boiled stuff

What kind of food will you eat in this program:

– Home-based meals
– Fruits
– Plant-based foods
– Cooked meals
– Raw Meals
– Dairy
– Sugar
– Indian specialties

We will allow you to eat everything but we will completely guide your meals and meals timings. If you follow this plan with full conviction, it will completely change your life and your lifestyle.

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Duration: 1 Month
Fees: Rs. 10000
Actual Cost: Rs. 20000
(Limited Period Offer)

This program is for the people who are seriously interested in improving overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of this program:

* We will put you on a disciple of eating right and living right.
* We will guide your meals and meals timings – what to eat and when to eat.
* We will help you improve your lifestyle.
* The program will drastically reduce your stress and depression from your life.
* You will eat a balanced diet – consists of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
* This program is based on Indian Traditional Meals – you will continue to eat Khar ka khana.
* At the end of this program, you will feel light, healthy and happy.

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