Lifestyle Habits That Can Reverse Diseases And Weight Issues

If you have been suffering from obesity, weight issues, PCOS, diabetes, sleep disorders, bp, thyroid, or other disorders, you can correct all of them. These diseases are the signals that your body is trying to give you. There are some imbalances in your body, it is not functioning well, and it is high time that you take effective measures to corrects them.

Reversing all diseases that you are going through is not going to be expensive, but it will demand a lot of your efforts. The ideas that I am sharing with you can change your life, your health, your body, your mind, and you can lead a healthy, happy and calm life.

So, what are the ideas that have worked for me for a very long time? I have been following them since my childhood days. This has been our way of life. And, will it work for you? Yes, it will, because it is a way of nature. The more you are in tune with nature, your body automatically functions very well. The problem in today’s world, we are going further and further away from nature. We have to retune our lifestyle habits to reverse our health issues.

The sunrise and sunset have a lot of indication the way we should attune our lifestyle. Our major activities and food consumption should take place during this phase. Ayurveda says we should eat food after sunrise and eat last meal before sunset. But are we living our life like this? I think absolutely not. Sunset happens at 6 or 7 pm, but we eat our dinner at 10:30-11pm. It is a major cause of our health problems. The food that you eat late night does not get digested and turns toxic. You not only gain weight but also attract a lot of health problems.

We should eat our dinner maximum by 8 pm. Maintain a gap of minimum 3 hours between your meal and bedtime.

When you do this, you get up fresh in the morning and tend to eat a good meal in the morning. You will naturally feel hungry because of a long gap. As of now, you eat late dinner, in the morning you do not feel like consuming a meal, and you stay hungry till 12 noon. When you do not eat anything till 12– you gain weight, your body suffers, your metabolism rate goes slow, you overeat, and also tend to eat more unhealthy food, like junk, chips, biscuits, colas.

So if you eat a healthy meal in the morning, you will naturally tend to eat less junk during the day.

Also, eat according to your hunger.

Everyone these days leading a busy life including children. And, people are not busy doing any physical activity or playing outdoors, all are busy with their gadgets- mobile phone, laptop, television, basically, everyone is glued to their screens.

We have lost the touch with our own selves. We are looking at screens and consuming food, and we end up eating more food than we actually need. Overeating is a major issue worldwide.

But, the solution to this problem does not lie outside of you, it lies within you. You have to tune in, listen to self, and know how much to eat or when to it. If you are not hungry, you can skip the meal, or eat a very light portion. You do not have to eat a big meal all the time. You just have to eat according to your hunger.

We are also gaining weight and health issues because we do not do any activity during the day. Since everything is now available at your doorstep, and at home, we have help available. We almost left with no physical work. It may sound amazing. But, my dear friend, without any physical activity, your health, your organs, digestive system, your bones, everything is suffering.

It seems like with money you are buying all the diseases complimentary. Because when you have money, you do not have to do anything, and with no activity, all the health problems will just run towards you. Can we move more and sit less? Of course, we can do it. Everyone can do it. Take the stairs, walk, park your car a little ahead, do some physical activity at home, at an office, just don’t sit for more than an hour.

And, my last point is that you eat fruits, and drink a lot of water. Fruits and water both help to keep your system clean from within.

But when to eat your fruits? The best time to eat your fruit is first thing in the morning / after you exercise / or anytime independently, without mixing it with any other meal. Generally, we eat our fruit after our main mean, that is wrong. Because you do not absorb nutrition from the fruit, you overeat, that turns into fat. When you eat your fruit independently, your body absorbs maximum nutrition from the fruit. It helps you clean your system and provides your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Also, fruits and water keep your body alkaline, and no disease can survive in an alkaline body.

These simple measures can make your slim and disease free.

Putting it all together
1. Eat your dinner max by 8 pm
2. Eat a healthy meal in the morning
3. Eat according to your hunger
4. Lead an active lifestyle

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Yoga Teacher & Health Coach

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