Who are you becoming?

Wrong people feel jealous, pull other people down, have no goals and ambitions, always making excuses, have no discipline in life, feeding themselves with food all the time, intoxicating their mind with gossiping and screen.

Right people lifting themselves, lifting others, working hard towards a goal, exercising, taking control of their thoughts, taking control of their energies, learning new things, they feel inspired when other people succeed. Whereas, wrong people feel jealous when others succeed.

As Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” Best people keep trying because they believe in themselves and have a deep desire to succeed. Whereas wrong people give up quickly and believe they cannot win, they cannot achieve, they cannot become, and the list goes on. And when they do not utilize their energies into constructive work, into uplifting themselves up, they use that energy to pull others down. Wrong people always creating problems for the right people.

It is all about energies. Every day, every morning, each one of us is blessed with immense energy. Your mind and body are recharged after 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Now what you do with that energy is up to you. You can channelize into good, you can channelize into bad. People who have no ambition will find the easy way out and will channelize their energies into pulling others down because it is an easy way out.

It requires will power to stay positive, to think positive, to take positive actions. It requires no will power to think negative. You will have to work hard in a positive direction. That is why parents ask their kids to mingle with the right people else you will be influenced. We as adults also need to mingle with people that are good for our mind, body, heart, and soul.

Your life, your choices. You should know very well that your present thoughts and actions creating your future life and destiny.

In the end, there are no wrong people or the right people. There are just people who make the right choices in life and wrong choices in life. Hope you stand for utmost positivity and continue to strive for a higher purpose in life.


Annu Arora