Welcome to Ilivelight Yoga!

People who do not know how to spell this right, it is I LIVE LIGHT.

What do we do? We help people achieve their health and fitness goals with the help of yoga and diet programs.

Yoga is gaining immense popularity and with that, a lot of new forms of yoga coming up. Now, that may not be really helpful in achieving your goals but sure to add up to your confusion. But, the practice that is well thought out and well planned will be helpful in attaining your goals.

When you join me at ‘Ilivelight Yoga’, I make sure to give you practice that suits your goals and help you achieve them. People join us with different goals like weight loss, body toning, or a lot of cases I get for back pain. So, I help ladies recover from the back pain as well. My ‘gentle’ series is specifically designed to help ladies recover from back pain. Or, if you have another ailment this practice will be helpful too.

We have success stories from ladies who could not move due to pain but after practicing with me they said goodbye to back pain, and happily doing day to day basic tasks with ease.

Would you like to know more about it? WhatsApp 8285198851 or ilivelight@gmail.com. It is open to ladies only. Thank you.

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