28 Days Lifestyle & Detox Challenge At Home

Start your WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY with this Unique Lifestyle 30 Days Challenge


I enrolled myself for the Lifestyle Change program with Annu, and I am very happy with the result. The program made me Understood my body more, the importance of raw food, sitting cross legged, chewing etc. which I had completely forgotten over the course of time. Loads of love and gratitude to Annu for designing this and bringing about such a positive change in my Life – Style!
Pooja Sharma, Media Professional

Let us help you Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle
Let your Mind + Body start the process of DETOXING from Within

28 Days Challenge for a NEW YOU

Eat Right
Live Right
Think Right
Exercise Right
Lose Weight
Feel Happiness In The Chaos of Life
Heal Naturally
Improve Productivity
Improve your Success Rate
Follow a Well-Proven Technique

For 30 Days, we will work closely with you and help you bring out the best in you.

What is this program?

30 Days Lifestyle & Detox Challenge is a quick way to install healthy habits in your daily lifestyle. 

Well, nothing is quick. It will take at least 30 days to install a life-changing pattern into your daily routine. 

It is a Well-Proven Lifestyle Program to adopt for the next 30 days. Weight loss and health are by-products of a healthy lifestyle. All the best foods and intense exercise sessions may not help you as much as a lifestyle that revolves around peace, calmness, healthy habits in your daily routine. 

3 Aspects of 30 Days Lifestyle Challenge

Healthy Lifestyle
Exercise + Yoga are Additional Perks

We help you build a 

Healthy Day Routine
Healthy Meal Timings
Nutritious Meal Practices
Basic Exercise / Yoga Routine
Stress & Thought Management

Who can participate? 

We have kept this program simple yet effective. 

It means a person from any profession and age can follow this program in the comfort of their homes.

The diet will be raw and home-cooked
No fancy food added to the list
Basic exercise/ yoga routine choose whatever works for you
Any physical ailment, no worries, follow a simple yoga stretches and movements for health benefits

Our guide will help you in all aspects

Your hard work will show in your ability to stick to the routine. Most of the benefits lie in the daily routine, which we are working hard to instill in you, help you change for the BETTER YOU.

For 30 days, following A ROUTINE can realize the life which you are missing for a while now. Maybe, you were occupied with work or children, that you could not invest time to care for yourself.

Now, why waste another three years to find out what will work for me, or wonder how I could get back on track. We are offering a routine that has proven to be the best. I’m personally following this routine, and even I tried to change, in the hope of finding a better one. But, I bounced back to this one, after trials and errors. 

What will be the benefits? 

Health without any side effects
Happiness without buying any pills and expensive detox programs
Natural weight loss
Feel a sense of relief from any lifestyle disorders, body aches, daily stress, depression, etc.
Get your purpose back into your life
Reset, refocus, realign your life

You are free to follow the same routine for the rest of your life.

How soon can I begin?

Enroll right away. After we confirm with your payments, we will email you all details about the program. The program begins on the 25th of August.

What preparations do I need to do? 

A yoga mat. I hope you already have a mat at your home to practice exercises and asanas. If not, please arrange it. Use, clean, and repeat. And, if you can’t sit down, we will have a few standing exercises or something you can do on a chair. But, still, we advise you to have one.

What support will I get? 

A candidate will receive a self-explanatory regime to follow each week. A point will be explained in detail when and how to follow them. However, we are available to answer any query you may have and help you in the process. Our support team will be available on WhatsApp 7 AM-7 PM. You can email us your queries too, and we will replay with all solutions. 

Anycase, there will be an official WhatsApp appointment before beginning a new week, to help you stay on track, to motivate you, and track your progress every week. 

The Total Cost of the Program: Rs. 14999

Right Now You Pay: Rs. 5999

(Limited Period Offer)

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A healthy lifestyle can change your Mind, Body, Health, help you Lose Weight without any pills, and mindless Gyming.

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