Attract positive energy into your life

Every moment you have a choice – to be at peace or to be in resistance. When you are at peace, you attract positive energy and when you resist you create vibes that reflect back on your being. It’s a simple choice and yet most people unconsciously choose to live in negativity. It’s not … Continue reading Attract positive energy into your life


Heal your Thyroid Naturally

After my post on FB, i'm inspired to write a blog and help you with basic measures you can take to cure thyroid. Yes, yoga helps, as there are poses that help our thyroid to function much better and with time you can completely say good bye to thyroid issues. What is Thyroid: The thyroid … Continue reading Heal your Thyroid Naturally

Yoga changes your DNA

A study conducted by Harvard University, has empirically proven that yoga positively changes your cellular metabolic functions, ie, it improves the way your body absorbs and uses nutrients. The study focused on a group that trained in mindful meditation and used a control group that received no training. After eight weeks, blood samples were taken … Continue reading Yoga changes your DNA

25 Guidelines for Eating

25 Guidelines for Eating... 1. Always wash face, hands, and if possible the feet, before meals. 2. Never eat before sunrise or after sunset. If you must eat after sunset then avoid sour and acidic foods. 3. Meditate briefly just before eating (or offer grace) to raise energy and increase the appreciation for food. 4. Always … Continue reading 25 Guidelines for Eating

Prenatal Yoga Classes at Rajouri Garden

Top Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Yoga builds strength - One of the best things about yoga is it makes you stronger all over. Yoga helps relieve aches and pains - Back pain is a common pregnancy complaint. Prenatal yoga strengthens the muscles that support this weight, taking pressure off the lower back. Yoga relieves anxiety … Continue reading Prenatal Yoga Classes at Rajouri Garden

Top 5 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Connect with thyself - Your time on mat is your time to feel alive, loved and free. Life is not perfect, it has it's ups & downs and in that process you forget to take care of 'YOU'. Yoga practice will help you let go and just be. You will be able to connect with yourself. Listen to … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Sitting is injurious to health

Sitting is the new smoking! Is a great slogan to warn us! Sedentary lifestyle is extremely harmful to health and can invite host of lifestyle diseases. If you have sat for 2 hours at a stretch literally you have sat too much. Obesity, Heart Disease, Hyper tension, Thyroid, Diabetes and PCOS are primarily lifestyle diseases. And … Continue reading Sitting is injurious to health

I Love Headstand!

Inversions are simply great, you feel rejuvenated after doing it just for a minute! But what is actually happening within your body when you are upside down. Top 6 Benefits of Headstand/ Sirsasana 1. When you turn upside down, you are increasing the blood flow to your brain. This can help to improve mental function, and increase you sense … Continue reading I Love Headstand!

10 Resolutions for a Healthier You

This time we are not going to make and break resolutions, this time we are to achieve them & will see a positive change in our lifestyle. We at Iivelight Yoga Studio wants to help you achieve your greatest goals and live 2016 happy, healthy & fit. Few resolutions that you can actually stick to: Get up and sleep … Continue reading 10 Resolutions for a Healthier You