One-On-One Training

Effective. Goal Oriented. Complete Transformation with Annu Arora. Practice everything from Surya Namaskar to Power Yoga to Full Body Fat Loss Series.

A complete transformation program:
Full Body Fat Loss
Power Yoga Sessions
Injury Free Practice
Learn the right way to do poses
One-on-one training
Well=designed sessions that will help you achieve your goals in no time.


Learn the right way to do asanas practice without any injuries. Practice everything from Surya Namaskars to our Fat Loss Series.


Stay consistent in your efforts. Your body will change and heal naturally without you having to push so hard for results.


First, you feel the difference. Second, you see the difference. And then others notice the difference.

Let’s start the practice today for a healthy & fitter you.

Joining Fees (Discounted Price Valid till 31st Dec 2020)
1 Month: 10000/-

Please get in touch for a 3 months package.