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Do you want to lose weight the natural way? Do you want to improve your health? If the answer is yes then this program is for you.

Heal Without Medicine is a unique program in which you eat homemade foods and lose weight.

You can heal from diseases like PCOS, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc. by eating properly. We understand your day to day lifestyle and give you a customized plan to make you strong from within, to help you lose weight, and to heal naturally.

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Annu Arora believes in natural foods and natural therapy as much as possible. We don’t encourage the use of medicines and supplements. When a person eats good quality foods. at the right time, and in the right quantity, the body begins to heal naturally and come back to its natural weight.  


a) Never eat a heavy meal before bed.
b) Never stay hungry for long hours, and eat every 3-4 hours.
c) Begin your day with a healthy, nutritious meal.
d) Lead a physically active lifestyle that includes taking stairs, walking, taking interest in daily chores, and practice yoga & pranayama.
e) Try to fast between 7pm to 7am.

Annu Arora believes in the following:

A) Eat Right
B) Think Right
C) Live Right

When you improve on all three factors, your life begins to change positively, and you begin to feel lighter and happier. 

Write: WhatsApp: +91 8285198851. Online Consultation is available.