Duration: 1 / 3 Months
Fees: Rs. 12000 / Rs. 22000

This program is for the people who are seriously interested in improving overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of this program
* We will put you on a disciple of eating right and living right.
* We will guide your meals and meals timings – what to eat and when to eat.
* We will help you improve your lifestyle.
* The program will drastically reduce your stress and depression from your life.
* You will eat a balanced diet – consists of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
* This program is based on Indian Traditional Meals – you will continue to eat ghar ka khana.
* At the end of this program, you will feel light, healthy and happy.


Duration: 7 Days
Fees: Rs. 7000

This program is for the people who have been struggling to lose weight and if their body is not responding well due to lifestyle factors.

Benefits of this program
* It will clear out toxins from the body.
* You will not starve but it will teach self-control.
* You will not eat heavy species and heavy food during this program.
* Your meals will be a combination of raw and cooked foods.
* It will naturally curb your habit of overeating.


Hair Fall is not a disease, and it does not have to happen in your 30/ 40/50 ‘s. Hair fall happens if your system stores toxins and lack essential nutrients. So what is the solution? Do we need pills or serums or supplements to cure this disease? My answer is NO.
What do we need?
1. Keep your system clean and free from toxins
2. Right food
3. Right sleep
4. Right nutrients
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