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Heal Without Medicine is a unique program for weight loss and to improve overall health.

We can get rid of extra fat and can stay disease-free just by eating the right kind of food.

Eating the wrong food at the right time is hazardous to the human body. There is a time when our body needs maximum nutrition, and at a certain time, it needs just the least food. Making the right adjustments to our meals and meal timings make a big difference.

There are a few tips for you to apply in your lifestyle:

a) Never eat a heavy meal before bed.
b) Never stay hungry for long hours, and eat every 3-4 hours.
c) Begin your day with a healthy, nutritious meal.
d) Lead a physically active lifestyle that includes taking stairs, walking, taking interest in daily chores, and practice yoga & pranayama.

We stand for the following:

A) Eat Right
B) Think Right
C) Live Right

Working on all three is crucial for a healthy and beautiful mind, body, soul.

Consumption of medicines has a long term negative effect. Even the patients of sugar and high bp must try to control their condition without medicines. Eating right, thinking right, and living right can give long term positive health results. You will be able to say become absolute disease free.

We are helping people to get rid of diseases with this plan.

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Enroll for 1 Month Program @ Rs.10000
Enroll for 3 Months Program @ Rs.20000

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