Three things largely determine your health

A. Lifestyle
B. Food/ Nutrition
C. Physical activity

Enroll for 2/ 3 months diet program.

How will this program help you?


  • Customized diet plan according to your age, gender, and lifestyle
  • Encourage you to eat wholesome fresh home made meals
  • Include all food groups and types
  • Correct your meals, meal timings, meal portion
  • Control over eating


  • Encourage you to bring positive changes in daily lifestyle
  • Positive thinking
  • Mental health and peace of mind
  • Meaningful life
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Following your hobbies and standing up for yourself


You will have one to one discussion with our expert. We will discuss your success, problems, difficulties, guidance to keep up with the discipline. The success rate of this program is 100%. Your commitment + our guidance = excellent results.

One time counseling: 5000
One month program: 12000
Two-month program: 18000